This is how you should wear your boyfriend shirt .. today

Boyfriend shirts are often unisex or shirts that look looser. The boyfriend trend is all about wearing clothes that look big for the wearer. Recent love to boyfriend shirts has so many reasons. And why not if they make you look sexier.

While lately I”m deeply in love with how my husbands’ shirts look that good on me. Well, honestly, never thought of it. I used to get myself that boyfriend shirts, loose and comfy. And yes they looked so good, until that day I wore his shirt as swimsuit

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Prague .. the City of a Hundred Spires

Prague “Praha” known also as “the City of a Hundred Spires” counted by 19th century mathematician Bernard Bolzano. Our travel to Prague wasn’t planned at all. We were heading to somewhere else but things didn’t go as we planned, so with that feelings of sadness and disappointment “which didn’t last” brilliant idea was born. The first place came to my mind of course on top of my list is Prague. Man I really don’t

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From Venice .. City of love .. Passion .. and .. Romance ..

Venice … the city of love, romance and passion. It’s definitely one of the most wanted destination for couples. Remember asking most of my family members and friends about where would they like to spend their honeymoon, so most of the answers were surprisingly Venice. Well, we’ve seen it many times in romantic movies, we fell in love with its canals, and we dreamt of riding on that

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Balenciaga Bazar Party … The Great Way to Start Summer ..

Hands down to everything that Balenciaga produces. If you are a big fan of Balenciaga, shopper bags and stripes “just like myself” then this will absolutely excites you. As I’m talking about Balenciaga Bazar bags as part of the current IT bags.

Though I don’t like the word “must have”, but I believe “these creations” would be lovely to have hehe. Balenciaga

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Trench coats .. coats .. trench inspired … Let’s get creative

Trench coats and thier long story which most of us know about is quite interesting. How they transferred from military to high end fashion then street style.I started following street styles long time ago as it looks interesting to me and I eagerly look up to that each fashion month. This is where I get the chance to know how people think of the same item, and how they push themselves out of “the others&#8221

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Maldives the Paradise .. and the Honeymoon I’ve Dreamt of …

If you are into outstanding natural beauty then you will absolutely fall in love with Maldives. Just mentioning Maldives takes me back to that amazing honeymoon in that paradise. Well, it was overwhelming as Maldives were like a dream to me. If you know me, you will absolutely know that beach life with all its activities is my thing and what I enjoy the most.

It’s great to know that

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This is how StreetStyle Stars wear Pink

While pink is not a spring/summer colour anymore, and I know a fair bunch of people who consider it the new black. I can’t hide my recent love to all shades of pink. Of course recent, being a tomboy as child, so naturally pink was not my favourite colour “especially when your society decided that pinky is too girly hehe”. You can hardly see me wearing pink not only as child but even

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