This is how I styled my abaya for this Eid

It’s that time of the year again. The time we all are waiting for. It’s Eid time with its hustle and bustle. Eid comes with unexplainable feelings of joy, excitements and a whole bunch of other mixed emotions of meeting with people you only meet once a year. Eid is family, fashion including abayas.

We actually (girls) can’t wait to show off what we got for Eid. It’s like a family fashion show. This stylish moment that most of us were like killing ourselves preparing for it. It’s painful really if they didn’t notice how hard I tried to make that statement. There is always that hidden someone we want to show or prove wrong. That moment of truth haha. 

So .. away from politics, we all know that most of Eid visits is about five to ten minutes in families houses and we do that in Abaya most of the time. So you better make a statement that will last until the next year of eid haha. Especially while choosing my abaya is to remember if this Abaya reflects my style and tells something about me. I know some of the girls gets remarkably excited during Eid time, so they want to choose the most eye-catching materials. In my opinion, I want to be comfortable wearing this abaya if I’m going to meet a good number of people. I need to be confident, it’s not the right time to make a drastic change in my style that will result to look uncomfortable, and it will show in my body language. We all don’t want that, and it is uncool. 

I liked this abaya because it’s so chic. Moreover, it’s easy to shift from day to night. It’s casual, and it’s ideal for the summer. I loved that brown and mustard tones, I also liked the lightness of the fabric. In addition to that, if you know me, you would know that I love a pop of yellow and geometrical shapes, this abaya has all the requirements, and it has these sweet details at the bottom which I like. 

This abaya was full of details and shapes. It’s multi-coloured that’s why I thought it’s a good idea to choose less detailed accessories. I went for a beautiful bucket bag, which has been my favorite for a while now. It’s tan, has no details but this beautiful bucket shape and that round top handles. I completed the look with a classic Pigalle Louboutin pump that would complement anything.  


Abaya eid عباية عباية العيد عبايات

Abaya eid عباية عباية العيد عبايات

Abaya eid عباية عباية العيد عبايات

Abaya eid عباية عباية العيد عبايات

Abaya eid عباية عباية العيد عبايات

Abaya: Rana Radi Boutique

Bag: Simon Miller

Shoes: Christina Louboutin

Styled by me: Nirvana

Much Love

  • Rana Alyousef

    حبيييييت العباية دي لانو فعلا تليق ف الصبح وف الليل 😍

  • Nirvana

    اتفق تمام معاكي حبيبيتي

  • Rosana Alyousif

    Love it 💛

    • Nirvana

      thanks 7abiby xoxo

  • Sultana🦋


    • Nirvana

      شكرا حياتي