Prague .. the City of a Hundred Spires

Prague “Praha” known also as “the City of a Hundred Spires” counted by 19th century mathematician Bernard Bolzano. Our travel to Prague wasn’t planned at all. We were heading to somewhere else but things didn’t go as we planned, so with that feelings of sadness and disappointment “which didn’t last” brilliant idea was born. The first place came to my mind of course on top of my list is Prague. Man I really don’t mind to cancel all my plans if it turn out this way. Prague is the place for the aimless wanderers.

Prague travel Charles Bridge



Prague is the capital city of Czech republic. The city that is intersected by  Vltava River will blow your mind away, just walking in that glorious area of Charles Bridge. The city that will get you fall in love with its old town square “Prague old town for me is the best old town especially at night” where medieval Astronomical Clock is located. This clock is the third oldest clock, and it was first installed in 1410. Can you imagine that this clock is still operating !! “Ain’t that fascinating”. Seeing things and experience it for yourself is nothing like reading about it.

Prague Astronomical clock travel

Prague Astronomical clock travel

Prague colord Medieval buildings

Visiting the main attractions include Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Petřín hill, Jewish Quarter, Old Town Square and Vyšehrad is absolutely cannot be missed. I strongly encourage you to visit these basic attractions before you give yourself the chance to get completely lost in this big big city. This is where you really get yourself inside the mood of the city and you know how it was built and the basement of its huge historic background.

Prague castle travel

Prague travel castle

Prague charles bridge

Getting lost in Prague will take you to the most beautiful gardens and neighborhoods you could ever imagined. The colorful medieval building will give you the feel that the time has stopped since that era. The feeling is so strong, reward yourself with countless memorable moments. When one place will definitely seduce you to explore a little further and if you don’t feel already exhausted, you will walk and walk for hours.

Prague Cafes and restaurants

Prague travel garden

prague streets

Food …

Don’t hesitate to visit the following restaurants, cafe and Gelateria. I tried them and guaranteed you won’t regret it. Cafe Savoy has the most yummy duck breast meal with beetroots puree and they offer good cocktails, too. In addition, LoKal “restaurant” is the best place if you want to try Prague traditional food, well presented and made with a modern touch. The place is so cool and the food is authentically amazing. Don’t miss their potatoes and their specialty fried cheese. Third recommendation, Angelato gelato is not just an ice cream, trust me, we stood that long queue just to discover what was going on there. Don’t miss their vanilla, salted caramel and pistachio, I ate two in that cold weather. That’s how yummy it is.

Prague Cafes and restaurants

duck breast cafe savoy Prague

Prague Cafes and restaurants

Angelato Prague

Not surprisingly, visitors from all around the world have it already in their wish list. With its colorful baroque buildings, Gothic churches and the medieval mood. Don’t think Prague is just that. No, Prague will surprise you with its beautiful modern side, check below the dancing building.

Prague dancing building


This is me standing next to my name .. I do that more often hehe ..

Prague Travel

So .. if I got you all excited and you are about to do it .. just let me add a small thing to keep in mind. Be aware AWARE of taxis there, they will simply charge you 5 times of their normal fair. Take care of that and you are all good.

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