My story with extra long sleeves shirts

Extra long sleeves shirts. The first time my eyes noticed that two inches dangling sleeves were in Vetements sweaters. I immediately felt this cool trend and I fell in love with them. It didn’t take too long until I found the best fitting shirt. I discovered Anna Quan extra long sleeves shirts worn by one of the best bloggers I follow on Instagram, with the possibility to have your initial on the sleeves (I mean who doesn’t want her initials in each and every items).

I got my dream white shirt from the same brand with my initials and this was the first customized item ever. Then I got addicted to the long sleeves shirts, sweaters. This one I’m posting below is Anna Quan striped shirt again with my initials (can’t help it hehe). 

I know a lot of people around me who didn’t get the idea of this trend and didn’t like it, as well, especially it’s super impractical in restaurants.

I paired my favorite long sleeve shirt with the my favorite 501 levis and Balenciaga triangle bag, I just tried that once and it looked perfect together. Ive done the same outfits many times with different bottoms and different kind of shoes.

I hope this look gets you inspired.

extra long sleeves shirts

extra long sleeves shirts

Shirt: Anna Quan

Denim: Levis 501

Shoes: Jaggar Footwear.

Bag: Balenciaga