Trench coats .. coats .. trench inspired … Let’s get creative

Trench coats and thier long story which most of us know about is quite interesting. How they transferred from military to high end fashion then street style.I started following street styles long time ago as it looks interesting to me and I eagerly look up to that each fashion month. This is where I get the chance to know how people think of the same item, and how they push themselves out of “the others” comfort zone to make you feel that it’s alright to go a little crazy. Well, a little craziness doesn’t hurt I guess.

Talking about trench coats. I love them very much. In fact, they remind me of the movies investigators. A funny story to share, I’ve always wanted one so I get to cover my head with it when it’s raining just like in Burberry ad hehe.

My mission here is to share the latest interesting looks that fashion has to offer to us everyday from the streets fashion fanatics. I just loved this season creativity of working that trench coat, from a high-end style to playful street looks to the edgiest edgy .. I mean the edgiest edge. There is a lot more than this examples but I shared what inspired me the most. Take a look at those beautiful photos and get inspired. 

  • Trench coats fashion month fashion week street style
    Photos by Moez Achour @moezachour2

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